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for some reason this didn't show up last night when i posted it

my heart is breaking for those people in that hurricane area. all i can do is sit and stare in disbelief. so many people's lives and homes lost and destroyed, and now they are turning on each other, fighting, shooting, raping, looting. what goes on in people's heads to make them have a complete lapse in morality? they need each other's help more than anything right now, especially the help of the rescue teams, and they can't even get in to help because they keep getting shot at? i can't make sense of that. i can't make sense of anything that has happened down there in the past couple days. i heard today about the price gouging that hotels and other places are engaging in, taking advantage of the most horrific moments in these peoples lives, it just makes me so damn angry. one hotel said it raised its prices to "keep the riff raff" from taking refuge there. people are people. everyone needs the same thing. people should be offering help, not charging people for their mistfortune. cars and gas are being hijacked at gunpoint, people are shooting at helicopters and rescue crews and refugees are getting raped and killed at the convention center. they have no food, no clean water, no bathrooms, no nothing. if the hurricane didn't get them, dysentery will. i heard on CNN now about cholera, dysentery, and typhoid and such ravaging through possibly. those diseases haven't been around in decades. these people are being forced to live among this violence, dead bodies and their own waste. its like a horror movie. it doesn't seem real. god help them. i wish i could.
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